Here can you find some tools for programming and RE.

I am not responsible for using these tools - it´s just for educational purposes only.

ACStripp*r - by LunaR Dust/2004

VB*x Killer - MaxX VB*x Killer/dt

Dcucu - Borland Component Debuger incl. tutorial

CryptoSearch - x3chun's Crypto Searcher (Public Version)

Import REConstructor v1.6 FINAL - tool is designed to deal with imports

sXunpack - Installshield unpacker

ProtectID - best Protection Scanners for PC Games and Applications

UPX unpacker - very nice UPX unpacker (incl. source in Delphi)

TD - Trial "medic" by JohnWho

Hash Calculator v1.5.1 - by Damn

MD5 Crackers - tools you need for cracking MD5 and SHA 1

Stripp*r - ASP*ck/Prot*ct killer

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